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Which tile type should I choose? Bay Tile Inc. Sacramento recommendations

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

We’ve realized that choosing and picking the best type of tile to use for your house restoration and beautification might be challenging, so we're here to help.

Whether you're doing this new project to maintain a cleaner house because of kids or pets, Bay Tile Inc., the Sacramento area's best tile installation service, has several suggestions for which tile type you’d prefer.

There are several factors to consider, including color, texture, location, durability, price, and maintenance. Will share and showcase some of our different tile installations in the Sacramento, California area of each tile type.

The most popular tile styles are porcelain, ceramic, and stone tiles such as marble, and mosaic to name a few. Each one comes with its uniqueness and its pros and cons.

So which one will be better for your certain project?

Ceramic tile

Pros: Ceramic tile is one of the most common tile types, versatile, has durability, with lots of colors. Absorbs very little compared to stone. Does well with foot traffic, hypoallergenic. Cheaper price than porcelain, its closest competition.

(Showcased is a bathroom ceramic tile installation in Folsom, California by Bay Tile Inc)

Cons: Does not do well with cold, or heat, so it can’t be used outside. It can be more prone to chipping.

Porcelain tile

Pros: Porcelain tiles are the most popular and tend to be more durable and rigid. The material used is refined clay, fired up at extreme temperatures. Can be used in high foot traffic areas, outside, and in high water use areas. Absorbs very little water.

(This porcelain floor and bathroom wall installation was done in El Dorado Hills by Bay Tile Inc)

Cons: Porcelain tends to be more costly because of its manufacturing and the difficulty of cutting. Designs, colors, and styles can be more limited.

Glass tile

Pros: Glass tiles come in an array of vibrant colors and sizes and are impervious to water. Vivid and can be eye captivating as a result of light bouncing off the glass.

(Used more often as a backsplash or for a wall, this installation was done in Elk Grove, California by Bay Tile Inc)

Cons: Cannot be used for flooring, can be slippery. Can be more expensive than porcelain.

Marble tile

Pros: Marble tiles are made of natural stone, are high-end, and luxurious with a lifespan. Can be used as a high-end decoration in a high foot traffics area such as an entrance or hallway or to create an opulent house atmosphere.

(This bathroom renovation in Sacramento's fab 40s was made with marble tiles that brought out the opulence of the home installation by Bay Tile Inc)

Cons: Marble can be extremely expensive, difficult to maintain, and very absorbent, so it can stain easily. As with most stone-based tiles, it can be slippery when wet because of the polished finish most stone tiles get.

Ledger stone tiles

Pros: Ledger stone tile is naturally resistant to stains and slips. It's a stone-based tile which means it's less prone to chipping and has longevity, it's much more affordable than other stone-based tiles.

(Roseville, California chimney ledger tile installation by Bay Tile Inc)

Cons: Requires sealing to prevent stains which can be an extra cost.

Terracotta tiles

Pros: Known for its durability, toughness, and earthy, rustic tones, floors can last a long time with this ancient material. Versatile can be used inside or outside and can hold up to stains, scratches, and moisture.

(This Terracotta patio tile installation brought out the beauty of this Elk Grove, California tile installation by Bay Tile Inc.)

Cons: Tile can be unique and shades and colors can vary even in the same batch. The tiles have to be properly sealed as a way to prevent cracking and damage. It’s not easy to clean.

With whatever tile you decide to go with choose, Bay Tile Inc. in Sacramento as your flooring contractor, kitchen backsplash installer, and bathroom renovation expert to beautify your home, kitchen, patio, office, or family and friends gathering areas. Let us help you with your home's new interior design and tile installation.

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