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Talking about open concepts we focus on kitchen or living room and dining room. When it comes to bathrooms where space is at a premium an open concept bathroom can make a small space feel big. How do we get this Effect? Where do we focus those efforts?

We can start with your shower open concept and curbless shower Tie installation that is growing in popularity and is because they offer accessibility, flexibility design because we remove barriers create seamless look in the bathroom, make it look and feel bigger.

A curbless shower offers improved accessibility to everyone from the young to the old.

A main floor bathroom with curbless shower floor tile offers a lot of advantages to homeowners who have trouble making the step into the tub or shower as people slow down with age.

Con: Curbless shower tile floor Water can get everywhere.

Installed the waterproof and shower floor properly, you'll be fine but if you don't plan it well, people could have some big problems with water and your curbless shower tile floor. without a curb, a shower water isn't contained and can get everywhere.

There are a few ways you can alleviate this. A rain head fixtures keeps the water in a more contained area

Pro: Curbless Shower tile floor is easy to clean.

A curbless shower floor is more open and easier to clean.

Con: Curbless shower tile floor can Lack of privacy.

Many curbless shower floor are very open and without dark curtain or door.

Pro: Curbless shower tile floor can be luxury Spa-like shower.

curbless shower floor gives you lot of flexibility when it comes to design and heather floor are all possible.

Building a curbless shower.

Your shower needs to properly direct the water to the drain. How do we make this happen? It's all about the way we build it.

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