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Whether your floors are due for some flooring material replacement or you just feel like a change is in order, then perhaps this is the most opportune time to contact a reliable tile contractor! Perhaps you’ve already seen firsthand before how one change can really transform an entire room, and trust us—with you simply opting to give our tile services here at BayTile Inc, in Sacramento, CA, a shot, that transformation of your space will be incredible, so much so that you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

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Tile Floor Installation

Tile Floor Installation

Tile floor installation requires proper subfloor preparation to prevent water damage and to ensure a long-lasting floor, In Baytile Inc we have all the necessary materials, equipment and expertise for proper installation.

floor installation
Interior Tile Installation

Interior Tile Installation

Transform your spaces into something unique, whether you need: walls, backsplashes, bathrooms or anything else, our tile installers can take care of it for you with beautiful results.

Exterior Tile Installation

The benefits of having tile outdoors are many. You can add a lot of design and personality to your home with mosaic tile, handmade tile, glass or wood-look porcelain tile. Improve your home with a professional team in Baytile Inc.

Exterior Tile installation
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